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C200 CNC Maskiner

CNC turning and milling - for optimal precision and perfection

At REA automatdrejning, we are known for supplying items with high finish. Our CNC controlled machines are operated by our skilled and well-trained employees, so the customer is always ensured the best product. We continuously invest in new machinery to be at the cutting edge of technological progress and meet the strictest quality standards. Our single-spindle as well as our multi-spindle CNC machines are equipped with automatic bar feeding magazines.


Our new robot, from the Danish company Universal Robots, is assisting our two Index V160 machines.

6 and 8-spindle CNC and cam controlled lathes

With precision machinery from GITAL and GILDEMEISTER, we handle mass production of turned items in dimensions from 5 to 35mm in batch sizes of over 20,000 units. Our WICKMAN machines handle dimensions up to 45mm in batch sizes of 20,000 units and upwards.

CNC transfer machines

Our 2 large Buffoli transfer machines are equipped with 10 and 12 stations respectively and handle items in steel and metals up to 50 mm. Batch size from 100,000 units.

CNC controlled revolving centres and twin lathes

Our production plant includes INDEX ABC, INDEX GB, NAKAMURA and MORI SEIKI with up to 12 machining axes and dimensions up to 65 mm. Our twin lathes from GILDEMEISTER-MF Twin 65, MORI SEIKI and NAKAMURA TW20 offer machining on 12 axes and handles bar sizes up to 65 mm.

CNC controlled long turning lathes

Long turning lathes carry out all jobs in a single work cycle, which ensures a highly economical production. We use automatic long turning machines from STAR, CITIZEN, TRAUB and TORNOS BECHLER which offer machining on 13 axes and bar sizes up to 32 mm. Our cam controlled turning lathes from TRAUB are capable of machining items up to 60 mm.

CNC chucking lathes

Our chucking lathes from INDEX, MORI SEIKI and NAKAMURA carry out complex items up to 300 mm in diameter.

Cam controlled revolving centres

Our cam controlled turning lathes from TRAUB handle items with bar sizes up to 60 mm.

UR10: Our new robot from the Danish company Universal Robots is assisting at our two Index 160 machines.